By rebecca | Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

I had a video made from the visualisations in Trampoline’s products for the Enterprise 2.0 Conference party. The party played with the theme “No man is an island”, for which we had this video showing, blow ups of Charles’ photography from St. Agnes (the tiny island on which he did the ethnographic research into information distribution that led to Trampoline) and little photos as gifts. We had funky furniture and great tunes too, but I can’t find even a tenuous way to link them to the theme. Most importantly, it provided a venue for folks to meet each other, chat and make connections, hopefully resulting in each of them being a less of an “island” in the sea of conference attendees.

Trampoline visualisations video from rebecca kemp on Vimeo.

I wanted our product to look like art, and we did a pretty good job, if i do say so myself. It was made so fabulous by Eddie Codel (editing) and Trampoline Dev (product)! The content is taken from SONAR Dashboard, SONAR Flightdeck and Metascope.

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  1. Nate Nash says:

    Proud to say I have one of the gift photos hanging in my house today.


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