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By Trampoline Systems | Friday, May 14th, 2010

The cover article in June’s edition of Wired UK is titled “The Great Trust Experiment”. The article offers a detailed analysis of the wave of innovation in financial models triggered by the internet. As the title suggests, the article focuses in particular on the role of trust and personal relationships as the basis of financial interactions.

Three case studies are used to illustrate the emerging models. Kiva represents a new way for citizens in wealthy countries to establish a direct relationship with entrepreneurs in poor countries and support them through small loans. Zopa epitomises the rise of peer to peer loan markets, providing an alternative to conventional bank loans. And Trampoline demonstrates how crowdfunding offers an alternative to venture capital for fast-growth businesses.

James Silver, the article’s author, interviewed me back in March as we were preparing to offer the second tranche in the crowdfunding process. The section he wrote about Trampoline gives a good summary of how our crowdfunding model works.

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