Crowdfunding presentation at Minibar

By Trampoline Systems | Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Last night I gave a talk about crowdfunding at Minibar London. The audience mainly consisted of people working on early-stage ventures. I took a straw poll about funding. Some had already raised finance from friends and family or institutional sources. Many more were planning to raise money in the coming year.

I tried to present an uncoloured account of my experiences raising money from friends and family, venture capital funds and most recently through crowdfunding; highlighting the pros and cons of each. In relation to venture capital I particularly wanted to draw attention to the negative impact of preference shares, stealth control mechanisms like “reserved matters”, increased complexity in governance and the pressure to exit prematurely that can arise towards the end of a fund’s life-cycle. In my experience there is not nearly enough awareness of these issues in the startup community.

I enjoyed giving the talk. Thanks to everyone who was there for listening so attentively and for the interesting conversations after my session. Thanks in particular to Christian for inviting me.

Here are my slides from the presentation.

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